A nice town for family life

A combination of a safe family environment, a high quality of life and idyllic nature make Sveta Nedelja a great place for family life.

The best town for entrepreneurs in Croatia

A competitive tax policy, excellent transportation connections, and its proximity to Zagreb and Slovenia are the reasons why Sveta Nedelja has held the title of the best town for entrepreneurship in Croatia for years.

An abundance of events throughout the year

Numerous events throughout the year enrich the lives of the citizens of Sveta Nedelja, but also visitors from the surrounding areas

A wealth of parks, lakes and forests

Lakes, forests and walking paths are the perfect way to relax in nature.

Direct and excellent connections with Zagreb and Samobor

In addition to the excellent transportation infrastructure and connectivity, neighboring Zagreb and Samobor are also connected by regular bus lines.

I live here, I see myself here

A combination of advanced infrastructure development and excellent connections to neighboring Zagreb and Samobor make Sveta Nedelja the perfect town for a pleasant family life.
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Health and social welfareResidents of Sveta Nedelja can rely on the professional medical and dental services and highly specialized hospitals and clinics.
Schools and librariesStudents from Sveta Nedelja are among the most recognized in Croatia, and the number of students is growing from one generation to next.
Transportation linksSveta Nedelja has an excellent connections with the local cities Zagreb and Samobor, which is a key advantage of the town.
Green Info DeskAll information related to environmental protection and the recycling of waste.
Associations and institutionsThe residents of Sveta Nedelja have a large selection of sports, recreational, and cultural activities as well as firefighting and other associations.
EU projectsWith the help of EU funds, Sveta Nedelja is actively working to promote important social and environmental issues.

Every day feels like Sunday

Idyllic lakes, green hills, marked walking paths and a quality gastronomic offer make Sveta Nedelja an ideal destination for relaxed excursions in nature.
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HistoryThough it is the youngest town in Zagreb County, Sveta Nedelja has proudly preserved its historical monuments, as a testimony to this in this area, and evidence of continuous development.
Cultural and historical points of interestDespite its relatively new status as a town, Sveta Nedelja has many interesting old castles and churches.
Natural heritageMany lakes, forests and parks have been attracting tourists from neighboring cities and counties for years.
Activities in Sveta NedeljaSveta Nedjelja offers visitors hiking and biking trails, adrenaline adventures and many other outdoor activities
GastronomyThe best way to experience the richness of the town of Sveta Nedelja is through its gastronomic offer and tastes
Transportation connectionsSveta Nedelja is well connected with the nearby cities of Zagreb and Samobor, which is a key advantage of the town.

Here we work smart

Because of its positive policy toward entrepreneurship, including a zero rate for surtaxes and consumption taxes, Sveta Nedelja has held the title of the best city for business in the Republic of Croatia for several years.
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Benefits for entrepreneursSveta Nedelja is one of the most stable small towns in Croatia. High economic development, entrepreneurial zones and natural beauty are just some of the features that make Sveta Nedelja attractive and pleasant for life and living, but also for smart business.
Investment process in Sveta NedeljaBecome another successful business story and start your own business in the town of Sveta Nedelja
From the media..."Sveta Nedelja Beyond Rimac: Jobs, Innovation, Nature, Population Growth" - by Paul Bradbury (Total-Croatia-News.com)
Communal contributionsCommunal contributions are funds intended exclusively for the co-financing of construction and the use of facilities, and the configuration of communal infrastructure.
Utility FeeThe utility fee is a monetary public levy paid for the maintenance and construction of communal infrastructure.
Contact usWe’re here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.


Sveta Nedelja is the leading town in Croatia for innovative solutions for accessing information and better communication with its residents.
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Public procurement registersRegisters of all contracts, purchase orders and invoices of the town of Sveta Nedelja and municipal companies
e-ReferendumBefore launching a project or making decisions relevant to the local community, we wish to hear the opinions of our citizens
Evaluation of city servicesEvaluations of employees of the municipal administration of Sveta Nedelja
Application for monitoring of electromagnetic fieldsSystem for measuring radiation levels in the town of Sveta Nedelja
Application for fault reportingReporting a faults or communal issues in the town
Application GISGeographical information system of Sveta Nedelja
Town budgetThe budget of the town and financial statements
ProcurementsTenders of the town of Sveta Nedelja
Communal servicesCommunal services in Sveta Nedelja

Institutions and associations

Institutions and associations as civil society organizations play an important role in the daily life of the local community. They participate equally in building a democratic, open, just and aware society by representing the link between the public sector and citizens in the implementation of initiatives for the common good, taking into account the principles of transparency, equality and cooperation.


Educational institutions ensure the proper social and educational development of children and youth in the Sveta Nedelja area.

Health and social welfare

Medical units have been established in Sveta Nedelja to provide primary health care to all residents. The polyclinic and specialized hospital have further expanded the area of care, nursing and health services.

Fire-fighting community

The firefighting community includes the firefighting brigade, which is responsible for the entire area of Sveta Nedelja and voluntary firefighting brigades with precise areas of operation.

Cultural community

The cultural community acts to encourage, develop and improve culture and artistic creativity and to preserve cultural heritage, all in accordance with the general social interests.

Sports community

Sports community brings together athletic associations whose activities contribute to the development and promotion of sports in the Sveta Nedelja area.


The Association of Pensioners was founded with the aim of improving the lives of pensioners in Sveta Nedelja, which encourages the development of care and support for its users and members through various projects and activities.

Veterans Associations

Veterans associations contribute to the promotion of the values of the Homeland War and the social and psychological empowerment of Croatian Homeland War veterans and members of their families.

Other associations

Associations and civil society organizations operating in the area of Sveta Nedelja, but they are not members of some of the federations of associations.
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